The Great Library of Ban Rona

Patient Readers,

At long last, I finished the drawing for Will Silander, whose Lego stop-motion film won last year’s review contest for The Monster in the Hollows. (Click here if you want to relive its awesomeness.) Last week I found the time to tackle drawing that intimidating tree and delivered the finished product to Will a few days ago. Jim Hamilton and family, your print of the drawing will be making its way to you later this week. Here’s a photo of the picture:

I’m putting the finishing touches on Light for the Lost Boy, my newest album, then it’s Wingfeather Saga, all day, every day. Can’t wait to get cranking on this next book. Stay tuned, because there’s another fun announcement in a few days. Something about a North! Or Be Eaten audiobook, maybe?



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  1. Joy C says

    Oh Andrew! I gasped when I just saw the finished version. I really like it. And I set it as my desktop.
    BTW – something in your books that really made me laugh: the tatoo “I like books” and the set up description wherein you sprang that on us. Very funny.

  2. says

    Wow! Just finished the third book, and the library looks amazing!! šŸ˜€
    Great job! I know how you feel on drawing a masterpiece…:)

  3. says

    My children and I are so excited about the prospect of an audiobook! They are ages 6, 5 and 3 and since they are blossoming readers, they still get Mommy to read a chapter or two every night. We are at the tail end of North! Or be Eaten, and there is some disagreement as to the pronunciations of certain words. There wouldn’t happen to be a guide somewhere, would there?

  4. Bryce says

    a VERY impressive piece of art! I love the large tree, but the size (I thought) of the building wasn’t as grand as I imagined it….I guess that there was a shortage of books since it’s sort of Mid-Evil-ish sort of era.

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