The Vingefjærsagaen Invades Norway!

jakten_paa_annieras_juvelerThe Christmas tour is over, the tree is out of the house and sitting on the firepit waiting to be burned, and I’m getting close to finishing the first draft of The Warden and the Wolf King. Those of you who preordered on the tour or supported by way of the Kickstarter campaign have already received chapters 1-30, and your feedback has been great. It’s good to have a small army of editors.

I’m spending most of January at home, working hard on the final stages of the book, then it will be time to get busy on Pembrick’s Creaturepedia. Lots of work, but lots of fun work. In the meantime, I wanted to announce something that is beyond cool. Book one of the saga is now available in Norway, fully translated into Norwegian, and book two is going to be available in April. My ancestors hailed from Sweden, right down the road from Norway, so having these books available in Scandinavia makes me (and my ancestors) very happy.

Here’s an excerpt of an email from my Norwegian publisher, Lunde Forlag, about the translator:

I also want to mention that we have had a fantasy specialist to translate the book (which we have titled “The Hunt for Anniera’s Jewels”). Ingar Hauge is a missionary kid who grew up in Japan. He has clothed Podo’s words in a hilarious Norwegian dialect which is spoken on our Western coast. The Norwegian fjords have made it possible for dialects to flourish, as they through the centuries made it difficult for inhabitants in small villages along the fjord coasts to stay in close contact with each other (you had to cross very steep mountains to reach the population along next fjord) and thus reach a common spoken standard. Podo is such a delightful character – and Ingar has succeeded brilliantly in  communicating all his humoristic traits to our Norwegian readers.

Amazing. Many thanks to Lunde Forlag and Ingar for all your work bringing this story to your beautiful country.



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  1. Kristin Elisabeth says

    Yay! This means I actually get to read the books to my children, while they still are children :-)

  2. Amund says

    Suddenly I don’t know if I should read this in English or Norwegian.. But I take this as a sign telling me to start reading The Wingfeather Saga.

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