UPDATE: The Warden and the Wolf King

(Thanks to Heather Rodrigue for the image. Good advice.)

Oy, Dear Readers!

I would apologize for the long silence, if that long silence didn’t mean I had been working on the new book. I’ve written up to chapter 23, which is when everybody finds out that Gnag is actually not a bad man, just a bad wizard, and someone named Dorothy and her lion friend tell the Jewels that there’s a space/time portal under Anniera and they zap themselves to the 1950’s and save Marty McFly’s parents from never meeting right before destroying the One Ring.

Over the years I have learned that there will always be at least one person out there who will read this and think, “Really?” For that person’s sake: the previous paragraph was a joke. Except for the part about having actually written up to chapter 23. And I’m so excited about that part. I’ve got some pretty cool news regarding the illustrations for the book, which I’ll announce soon and very soon, and we’ve even got a tentative release date, which we’ll announce soon and very, very soon.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (my Facebook artist page, that is), now’s the time. As I write chapters I often include the last sentence or a word count, just to prove to you guys that I’m not sitting around. It’s easier for me to do a quick update there than to write a whole blog entry, especially when my fingers are sore from typing. Now that my latest tour is almost over, I’m shifting into high gear on the book, which is intimidating and exciting all at once. I can’t wait to tell you this story.

Now, I need your help. We’re going to put together a fun promotional video for the Wingfeather Saga which will feature a collage of videos from kids and grownups alike, telling us what you like about the books, who your favorite character is, maybe acting out a scene, giving us your best Fang snarl or your best Podo “Arr!” Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, then email the link to info@rabbitroom.com with the subject line WINGFEATHER VIDEO. Keep it simple, be as creative as you like, and try and get it pretty close up on your face.

Thanks, folks!




  1. Lissa says

    I Love that Pic! I AM SO EXCITED! Please release it sooooooon! I love the Wingfeather Saga! I have had your website open at least once a week waiting for new updates. Me and my friend have been waiting on the very tips of our chairs and I think I just fell off. Thank you so much for writing this series! It is my very favorite of all time!

  2. Rebekah Morgan says

    Thanksgiving release! Better tell my husband he won’t be seeing me after I get my hands on that book. Yay

  3. Lisa says

    I flew through the first 3 books, and I keep checking periodically to find out the status of Book 4. I am SUPER excited for it to be released! Would you please update the status here as well? I refuse to Facebook or Twitter, but I still want to know when Book 4 will be released!! We gave Book 1 to our nephew for his 8th birthday in March with the promise to get the next book when he finished each one. I just ordered Book 3 for him!!

  4. says

    Thanks for the update. I hope your “real soon” won’t be like the hope that I always remember of the quote from the “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” movie when the leader says “Where are we going?”, they all call “Planet Ten!” Then he asks “When? and they all yell “Real soon!” (You’d have to see it in the movie, as the YouTube doesn’t do justice. (I loved the movie in 1984. I don’t know if it would seem so in these days…)

    My family loved your books and are waiting forward to get the last book. Is there any chance of buying all four books in a set? We would like to get for ourselves and well as for other friends?

  5. Maggie says

    Tentative release date?! Illustrations?! Chapter 23?!?! Fan promotions?!?!?!? YESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. Rache says


  7. Bronze says

    I’ve been counting the days till spring in anticipation for The Warden and the Wolf King, or at least an update on your blog. After I finished dying of laughter I printed out your poster and hung it on my wall. Words don’t describe how much I love your books… although I pretty much just described with words how much I love them. Thank you so much for updating!!! I’m buying the book the day it comes out!

  8. Piper Dragonwings says

    YES! Can’t wait for this (waow, I need to check for updates more often)!!
    Also- where can I get that brazilliant poster?

  9. Grace says

    EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for The Warden and the Wolf King!!!!!!!!

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