A note from Andrew the Ungobbled

Today’s post brings us another note from Andrew. Thankfully, he remembered Ollister B. Pembrick’s account of toothy cows and, with the help of some insect excretions, escaped the hideous bovines who were pursuing him last week. Accordingly, this note is a bit longer than the last. The envelope was postmarked “Houston” and was very aromatic.

Three fun pics today. Tyler, the Clovenfast contest winner, brought his one-of-a-kind WatWK, featuring an original Joe Sutphin sketch of Tyler’s wonderful monster, the Moonbiter.


Second, I got to meet a precious little girl named after Leeli Wingfeather. She was even a third born.


What fun! And congratulations to the new song maiden and her parents. :-)

Andrew’s got five shows left on the BTLOG tour, and tonight he’ll be home in Nashville and playing at the Ryman. Were you able to go to any of the concerts so far? Will you be at one of the shows this week? Andrew would love to see you. :-)

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A Wingfeather drawing from Joel

Here is a note from Andrew, who is off traveling the country on his annual Behold the Lamb of God tour. If you’re anywhere near any of the concert locations, he’d love to meet you! Meanwhile, he sent us this note by carrier midgeon. It’s a short note, as he was being chased by toothy cows at the time (woe!).

Andrew loves it when readers share their drawings with him. :-) Here’s how you can, too!

This is Joel, who was at my Omaha show last night. Love the scene from North! that he chose to draw.



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Plotting the plot

With every book in a series, the story gets bigger. Characters make choices and discoveries, go their own ways, and surprise everyone (including the author!). The heroes and the villains each make plans and the stakes get higher. By the time a series comes to a close, it can be pretty hard to keep track of everything. Andrew talks about wrapping up plot threads, dragon-riding, and letting go and holding on.

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A smattering of announcements, all very exciting

It is with great glee that we report the following news.

1) Observe:

Screenshot 2014-12-01 08.39.10

Yes, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness is a #1 best-seller on Amazon right now! Moreover, so is The Monster in the Hollows, and North! Or Be Eaten is a best-seller, too. All three are in the top five across multiple categories. Thanks so much for all your support! Our brains are curling!

2) Today only, The Rabbit Room is offering free shipping on all orders—which means that if you’ve been thinking of picking up copies of Wingfeather books as Christmas gifts for friends, family members, that kid in class who picks his nose, the cashier at Taco Bell, or strangers you meet on the sidewalk, now’s the time. Creaturepedias are available, too (and many other delights!).

3) On Wednesday, Andrew hits the road for his annual Behold the Lamb of God tour. This show is more than a bunch of Christmas songs. This is the story of Jesus—our need for Him, His coming in humility, His beautiful salvation worked out through history, the deep longings of every heart fulfilled. This is a story that’s bigger than life—a true myth, the True Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ. Consider yourself personally invited. Click here for dates and ticket info.

Yesterday was the first day of Advent. Throughout this season we look for Jesus—He is the true light who gives light to everyone, and He has come into the world. Our need is great, but His love is greater. The stories are true.

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Don’t you want to thank someone?

Happy Thanksgiving, Skreeans, Hollowsfolk, Annierans, and all those longing for a home. Enjoy each other. Name your blessings. Glory in forgiveness. Rejoice with feasting. Thank the Maker for this good world—and know that it is only a shadow of the one to come. The stories are true.

This video, featuring the original Tink, was recorded live at the Rabbit Room this week.

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