Totato Soup

This last weekend was Hutchmoot, and one of the meals Chef Lewis Graham made was Totato Soup. It's too good not to share, so here you go—and since the recipe makes such a very lot of soup, invite a few friends to help you eat it. While you're all eating, read to them. … [Read more...]

Yellow cheek water

i had a dream that i was waking

"I don't care what color it is!" This exchange cracks me up every time I read it. “So why did you come?” Claxton asked Jimbob, though his eyes were still fixed on Maraly. “The Fangs say they need our help.” Jimbob’s voice trembled. “They say that if you don’t come and … [Read more...]


In Dugtown, that villainous hive of scum and wretchery, Sara and her orphans have made a cozy home. Sometimes we find ourselves in villainous places, and we are powerless to change the villainy. But we don't have to live in fear. And a cozy place where we can love and be loved … [Read more...]

Andrew and the Song Maiden

You've seen Andrew and his Song Maiden Skye sing this song before, and you've downloaded the recorded version. You may have even seen them play it live! But here is a new video, recorded just a couple of weeks ago. It features Skye playing a hauntingly beautiful accordion solo. … [Read more...]