To War

Dear readers, we have reached the end of The Monster in the Hollows. We have laughed and cried together. We have yearned and talked and felt deeply. What a joy and a privilege it is to read these stories with you. Next week: The Warden and the Wolf King! [Rudric] turned to … [Read more...]

Into the light

Only one more week of The Monster in the Hollows! The last line of this excerpt is one of my favorites. Sara led the children down the long hallway and paused at the double doors that led to the main room where the Overseer’s carriage had unloaded each of them over the … [Read more...]

Under the tree

This week's book club reading—chapters 40-46 of The Monster in the Hollows—was hard. If you struggled through the Phoobs chapters from North! Or Be Eaten, you probably felt your heart twisting as you read this section, too. But as Artham said in the Phoobs, "This story will end … [Read more...]