Sailor’s Pie


“His name is Ronchy McHiggins. ... Runs a tavern called the Roundish Widow that serves the finest sailor’s pie I’ve ever laid mouth on. He cooks it with a sprig of honeybud, and the mashes atop it are copiously peppered and garlicked. Seven vegetables are mixed with goat crème … [Read more...]

The Hag in the Burrow

Greetings from Madame Sidler! This week I read chapters 42-47 of North! Or Be Eaten. By now I suppose my fellow readers have picked up on my appreciation for creepy passages. Perhaps it's no coincidence that I enjoy creeping in secret passages. Perhaps that's why people call me … [Read more...]

The Fork Factory (woe!)


Here, for your nightmarish edification, is the Fork! Factory!, drawn by JoLeigh. May this excellent drawing serve as a warning to stay inside at night, lest you be subjected to such a hideous place. Thank you, JoLeigh. Your courage in creating this drawing will, I hope, protect … [Read more...]

The Coffin

Dear readers, we're more than halfway through North! Or Be Eaten now, and the second half of this book contains some of my favorite passages. They're also some of the hardest passages—ones with darkness and sadness. If you're new to these books, don't lose heart. Andrew's going … [Read more...]