Is it worth it?

This week's reading—chapters 15-21—included so much deep emotion. Nugget and the dragons woke up wells of grief and remorse and longing which spilled out all over the pages. It was so hard to pick an excerpt this week—but here's this one. Oh, beautiful ache. He was only … [Read more...]

Scarorn the Cloven

Scarorn the cloven

Here is a fearsome combination of man and bull. Emmett discovered him wandering the Blackwood and learned that his name is Scarorn. Emmett, thanks so much for braving the Blackwood to bring us this drawing! This week, Madame Sidler will be reading chapters 15-21 of … [Read more...]

Fierce affection

Dear readers, this week's excerpt includes a wee spoiler. The farther we get into the series, the harder it is to avoid them. If you're brand-new here, though, we don't want you to feel like you're on the outside. You're welcome here. I will try not to post too many … [Read more...]

A family portrait

The Wingfeather Family

Hannah sent in this great drawing of Podo, Nia, Leeli, Kalmar, Janner, and Artham. There's so much personality in their faces and postures. And Hannah, those wings are gorgeous. Guys, can you imagine Artham flying into battle, dual-wielding longswords? Awesome. This … [Read more...]

Into the gully

Yes! Our first excerpt from North! Or Be Eaten! Isn't this fun? This week, I read chapters 1-7, and present to you my favorite snippet. What I appreciate about it is the growing sense of foreboding as every "If" brings the Igibys closer to the doom pronounced by the last three … [Read more...]