Living into legend

I have seen the look on this young man's face when he discovers a new story. Many times I have nearly slipped up to help him and then, at the last second, realized that he needs no help. His face is full of reverence and breathless anticipation. His hands hold a book lightly, as … [Read more...]

The Chapter House door

On the way to Blake Bergstrom

If you follow Andrew on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you have already seen this—the latest update on the Chapter House. But in case you haven't, and because we're so excited, here are those photos again! In the words of Andrew Peterson (in the captions): Isn't that … [Read more...]

Cheesy Chowder

Cheesy chowder

“You’ll be wantin’ some of my cheesy chowder and butterbread, won’t you, my little warriors?” [Podo] said. “It’s been simmering all evening, along with a thousand prayers that ye’d make it back to yer Podo safe and uneaten.” Janner joined Leeli and Tink at the table to gobble … [Read more...]